Tumble Drum


General features

The tumble drum gently mixes all powders, flavours and cheese blends on to the shredded/grated product from the FS-40.


  • Internal ribs designed to gently mix product with minimal product breakage
  • Ultra-Hygienic “Clam Shell” Design covers all choke points when closed and exposes all areas for better cleaning and inspection when open.
  • 4 wheel drive to minimise slippage and drive longevitiy
  • Positive drive timing belts for clean, quiet and reliable operation.

Base features include

  • Easy sanitation, full wash-down
  • 1-1/2 HP stainless steel wash-down gear-head and motor w/ Allen Bradley PowerFlex 525 VFD
  • Manually-adjustable Inclination, up to approx. 22°, for adjustable cheese rates
  • UHMW front and rear containment caps to reduce product loss and minimize airborne powder dusting

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