Pet food Processing Equipment

Deville provides you with the ultimate food cutting solutions designed to help you maximize your profitability. Your perfect integration partner for precision cutting of cooked and frozen meat applications.

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Our Full Line Solutions


The FAM CMD.2 is manufactured with a high-capacity drum dicer to make uniform dice and strips of frozen meat products reducing product waste.

FAM Flexifam

Reduce production downtime with the FAM Flexifam quick changeover system for cutting spindles. Operations are flexible and effortless with the Flexifam for medium dicing and strip cutting for cooked, freeze-dried, and frozen meat products.


FAM Yuran™ Hytec

The FAM Yuran™ Hytec is a high-capacity meat and poultry processor designed to exceed the pet food industry’s hygiene requirements. 


Our conveyors are designed to adhere to the highest international hygiene and safety standards. We provide various conveyor types, depending on your requirements. All our conveyors are built with simplicity in mind, feature cantilever design and hinged covers – making it easy to disassemble and wash down. 

Deville Powder Dispenser

Handling and Dispensing

Deville’s powder dispensers are innovatively designed for better control over product flow, creating more equal blends and one of the most accurate powder/herb distribution systems in the industry. Like all our other components, our handling and dispensing equipment adheres to high sanitary requirements.

What Sets Us Apart

Focused on Hygiene and Safety

All equipment is designed to permit fast, yet thorough cleaning. Our machines are designed for flexible and effortless operation with a special focus on ensuring the safety of operators and maintenance personnel at every risk level.

Product Testing

Whether you choose to be on-site to run your trials, or send us your product, we will deliver cut product samples along with detailed test summary reports, pictures, and video footage for the results you want. 

Product Knowledge and Expertise

Deville puts its’ extensive experience in the sanitary food equipment industry to work for our clients. Our team of application specialists always looks to understand the parameters that affect cutting such as shape, temperature, product size, texture moisture, salt, fat content and the condition of the product

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