Groundbreaking Hygienic Design that Increases Efficiency and Capacity.

FAM, the European market leader specializing in cutting solutions for the food industry, is unveiling a new standard in cheese cutting technology with the introduction of the FAM Centris 400C Hytec. This superior centrifugal shredder not only increases efficiency and capacity, but is also the most hygienic centrifugal shredder on the market.  In North America, FAM’s cutting edge technology is exclusively available through Deville Technologies,  a world leader in sanitary full line industrial food cutting solutions.

The FAM Centris 400C Hytec is part of FAM’s Centris™ product line of superior shredders that raise the bar of hygienic standards by exceeding industry requirements.  The Centris 400C Hytec  has a 15HP stainless steel planetary gear motor, unlike the traditional 10HP centrifugal shredders on the market today.  It represents the highest hygienic standard and has no flat surfaces or hidden corners, inside and out. The contact surface resistance is extremely low. Since there are no electrical components, bolts or wires in the product contact zone, nothing can contaminate the food or attract the sticking of cheese.

Also available,  is the revolutionary SureShred 16C, a high quality,  high capacity cutting head which features 16 cutting stations and is designed with 20% less pieces and moving parts;  a step up from the 8 station heads currently available.  It contains 9 patented and patent pending innovations and an ultra hygienic design. The SureShred 16C is lightweight, yet features heavy duty stainless steel construction that is easy to clean and comes equipped with Set-and-Forget technology, that allows you to simply set your desired preferences and achieve a consistent cut every time.

FAM and Deville Technologies unveiled the FAM Centris 400C Hytec during ICTE, April 18-19 in Milwaukee, WI.  Its groundbreaking design was highlighted by Deville Technologies during the ICTE Ideas Showcase on April 18th at 1 PM on Stage A.

About FAM

FAM focuses on the development of industrial food cutting equipment. FAM provides industry leaders with solutions for cutting, slicing and dicing of fruit, vegetables, nuts, cheese, meat and poultry, fish, potato chips and French fries. Over the past 60 years, FAM has established long-lasting international partnerships with influential leaders in the industrial food processing market, through customer experience centers, service and stock. In conjunction with their sister company Stumabo, a manufacturer of industrial precision knives; FAM is able to anticipate, adapt and react to key industry challenges, replacing impossibilities with innovation. Learn more at

About Deville

With over 30 years experience in the Food Processing Industry, Deville Technologies has devoted its lifespan to pioneering the development of ultra-sanitary food cutting equipment; an endeavor fueled by the stringent hygienic requirements of the diary industry. In conjunction with their European partner FAM, Deville has been able to deliver industry-specific, customizable solutions to industry leaders across North America and the world.  Over the past decade, Deville has focused mainly on the research and development of ultra-sanitary full line solutions, to forge the industry forward into the future

FAM – Centris 400C Hytec

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