As food safety moves up the global agenda, the food and beverage industry is scrambling to adhere to ever-higher hygiene and quality standards. In this pursuit, most food processors are opting for a fully connected production system enabled for Industry 4.0 to automate data collection and enable seamless monitoring of their food processing plants. But with all the promises of Industry 4.0, what are the true capabilities for uncovering real-time plant floor insights and optimizing operations? Deville Technologies holds the answer. 

Deville Technologies is a solutions-focused manufacturer and distributor of hygienic, full-line, custom-tailored industrial cutting solutions. With over 40 years of experience, the company caters to dairy, fruits, vegetables, and meat processing plants looking for sanitary, durable, and practical equipment. In addition, Deville Technologies caters to the prepared food and foodservice industry. “Being innovative and developing custom solutions that are extremely hygienic for the food industry have always been in our DNA,” says David Penta, President and CEO of Deville Technologies. With extensive experience in the manufacturing and IT spheres in sales and customer support, Penta is at the helm of Deville Technologies, leading a rapidly growing team driven by a commitment to excellence in sanitary design and innovation.

Born out of the dairy industry, which is known for its unimaginably high hygiene standards, Deville Technologies extrapolated the significance of food safety to the entire food industry. Taking an innovative step, the Deville team decided to create Deville Digital, a highly versatile food manufacturing software. Deville Digital is a cloud-based platform that provides insightful data for smarter monitoring of food processing plants. Implementing a predictive or preventive maintenance program is of utmost importance as unpredictable equipment breakdowns or downtimes can bring an entire plant to a grinding halt. To this end, Deville Digital provides the plant maintenance managers with machine performance data and informs them about future breakdowns. Plant managers can base their decisions on this real-time data and create preventative and predictive maintenance schedules to ensure the proper functioning of the equipment. The platform guarantees a hundred percent plant uptime and optimizes its downtime. 

As the platform is API-ready, it can connect to any maintenance software or ERP system, thereby optimizing the plants’ overall efficiency. Deville Digital is not limited to just a piece of machinery but can be applied to the entire food processing plant, line, or area. “Unlike other localized systems on the market, Deville Digital is a complete cloud-connected platform powered by AI and ML engines. It integrates data from ERP and maintenance management systems and enables plant managers to make sense of the data,” asserts Penta. 

Deville Technologies has always been at the forefront of technology, especially on the hardware side. With Deville Digital, the company is taking it to the next level, truly disrupting the market. “While there are numerous OEMs out there who only claim that they are application-enabled for Industry 4.0, we manufacture every piece of equipment that is application-ready. In other words, all our machines come with a URL, whereby customers can log into the application and gain full visibility into their equipment,” remarks Anthony Riso, Co-Founder of Deville Digital. An engineer at heart, Riso brings over 25 years of experience in a variety of technology sectors, including telecom, networking, hardware, and software. 

By realizing that every customer’s manufacturing environment is unique, Deville Technologies is capable of customizing its solutions with its highly flexible technology stack. In an instance, the company helped one of its clients seamlessly monitor centrifuges, packaging lines, cold storage, and shredding line with its highly customized technology stack that is fully managed. 

Not resting on its laurels, Deville Technologies is looking to expand the capabilities of Deville Digital to provide plant managers with recommendations about spare part numbers that they need to buy in anticipation of the maintenance. “We also aim to partner with other OEMs in the industry and offer Deville Digital to them so that they can sell it to their clients. It’s more like a “quasi open source” approach, whereby we will be sharing it with OEMs at a cost,” Penta remarks. Besides, the company is continuously exploring the hardware side, introducing innovations in motion control and intelligent equipment with Industry 4.0 and data integration in mind. Customers can use the platform absolutely free of cost initially, and then either buy the out-of-the-box version or customize it to meet their specific needs. “As we start to implement the newer versions of industrial cutting solutions, the roadmap for Deville Technologies is sure to be even more disruptive,” notes Riso.

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