Deville Technologies USA, LLC will be representing the FAM ( line of industrial food cutting solutions in the United States for vegetables, meat, poultry and cheese applications, including servicing and stocking of spare parts.

Deville Technologies and FAM enter a new phase in their partnership – since 2002 Deville has been the exclusive North American FAM distributor for cheese applications in Canada, United States and Mexico; and since 2011, the sole fruit, vegetable, meat and poultry applications distributor for Canada. As such, Deville is an authorized expert in FAM’s line of industrial food cutting solutions, “An extensive knowledge of this industry, as well as the fruit, vegetable and meat industry in Canada, an open and innovative mind and a true entrepreneurial spirit founded the success of Deville in this business. FAM looks forward to fully supporting Deville in expanding their market coverage while maintaining a positive brand experience”, states Mark Van Hemelrijk , CEO of FAM.

Deville's Commitment to the Industry

Deville offers complimentary access to its state of the art R&D client center and laboratory so that clients can test their equipment and analyze their results on equipment offerings. This hands-on experience enables clients to gain a greater understanding of what our equipment can do to help grow their business, “We pride ourselves on providing the best service in the industry” says David Penta, President of Deville Technologies. Penta adds that the company along with FAM, stand ready to respond to the requirements of their clients and grow alongside future demands.

About Deville Technologies

Deville Technologies has been providing solution-based manufacturing technology to food processing companies that require sanitary, durable, practical and efficient food cutting equipment, for over 30 years. It’s well-staffed engineering team, together with FAM’s large engineering team, responds to clients’ needs through innovation and development.

About FAM

FAM ( is the European market leader for industrial food cutting solutions: World-wide customers in 72 countries use more than 5000 operational food cutting machines.FAM offers customers perfectly aligned solutions, from smaller stand-alone machines to the higher capacity machines integrated in complete production lines. FAM is known for its customer-oriented philosophy, its many innovative applications and its product quality. FAM cutting machines are developed and manufactured for providing a lifelong continuous high-quality production. They are made of the best materials and meet the strictest quality standards. The machine and the cutting size of its cutting tools are easily adjustable without losing any of their safety aspects. As such, the machine can effortlessly be adapted to allow changes in product, application or capacity.

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