Deville Technologies has been serving the world’s dairy industry out of it’s headquarters in Montreal since the 1970’s

Deville Technologies, a global supplier of industrial food cutting equipment and turnkey solutions for cheese and other food industries, recently opened its first office in the United States. The new Kenosha, Wisconsin, facility is a “mirror image” of the company’s home office in Montreal, says Terry Baggott, operations manager, Deville Technologies. The center, which opened in late 2015, currently has three employees and is slated to grow to 10 by the end of this fiscal year and to 30 within the next three years.

It will include a technical services team, distribution and a client center. In the fourth quarter of this year, manufacturing capabilities will also be part of the new facility. “We needed to expand because of our growth,” says David Penta, president, Deville Technologies. “It felt like the right move to expand in the United States and get closer to our client base.” Baggott adds, “Clients will be able to use it for research and development and see all the equipment we have in stock. We have technical assistance from that office as well as a local sales team.”

Deville Technologies elected to rent its new space in the area so that the company can easily and quickly expand as business continues to grow, says Penta. The southeast Wisconsin location is ideal because it is between two international airports — Milwaukee and Chicago — and in the heart of U.S. cheese production. “We pride ourselves on being there for our clients. Having the presence in the United States is going to be very important for our U.S.-based clients,” Penta says. “Cheese is one of our largest segments of business, and Wisconsin is the largest cheese producer in the United States. It was also very important to find a location with skilled workers as well as a location that would provide further enhanced service to our client base, with direct flights and a shorter driving distance to our facility.”

The new U.S. office, which is the first the company has operated outside of Montreal, opens as Deville Technologies is experiencing rapid growth, particularly in the last five years. Penta notes that the company has seen some of its greatest growth in full turnkey systems in the cheese industry — selling not only the food cutting equipment but everything that handles the raw product up to, but not including, packaging. Penta says that Deville prides itself on providing the best service in the industry, and the new location in Wisconsin will make that service even more accessible for its customers worldwide. Part of that service is anticipating market needs by having a well-staffed engineering team that can respond to those needs through innovation and development.

He adds that the company stands ready to quickly answer the requirements of its clients and grow alongside future demand. “We’re there to further our goal in providing the gold standard service to our clients, and I think this is one additional step in that direction,” Penta says. “In this day and age, things change quickly. We do what is needed in order to ensure that our clients get the best quality, service and products available on the market.” CMN

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