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At Deville Technologies, we go above and beyond to provide you with a positive customer experience. Over the years, we have accumulated a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise that we share with you;  in turn, you can help your customers achieve a high standard of excellence in the food processing business.

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The Ultimate Industrial Food Cutting Solutions

Cutting edge technology coupled with traditional craftsmanship, quality materials and intelligent, hygienic principles,  allows us to deliver a complete line of solutions that deliver high performance with low maintenance. A winning combination!
Deville provides you with ultimate food cutting solutions designed to maximize your profitability.

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Our equipment is designed, tested and built to consistently deliver a perfect cut quality with impeccable hygiene. A precisely measured and consistently cut product is required not only for optimal presentations and further processing,  but it is essential for improving product shelf life.
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Deville is a solutions oriented manufacturing technology company that caters to food processing companies of all sizes that require sanitary, durable, practical, and efficient food cutting equipment.

We have over 40 years of experience in the sanitary food equipment industry, and we’ve been in the food cutting equipment business for more than four decades.

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Whether the company is a small dairy that produces cheese blocks and needs a cheese cutting machine for shredding, cubing, or dicing into specific profiles, or a large provider of prepared foods that requires shredded, sliced, or diced cheese, meat, fruits, or vegetables in their final product.

We provide and integrate industrial food cutting solutions that respond to all your needs without compromise. Every detail is meticulously thought out so that we can deliver a solution that surpasses your expectations.

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“I could not have made a better decision on which machine or company to purchase from.”

Pete Bonaroti, Lamagna Cheese, Plant Engineer & Mechanic, Verona, PA

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“Deville is very professionnal. They came up with solutions to the ideas that I had for the growth of the business. I recommend Deville very sincerely. They are very dedicated to the customer.”

Paul Need, FJ Need Limited, Director, Nantwich, United Kingdom

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I have over 28 years of experience in the machinery business and I have worked for over 9 equipment manufacturers. From this experience I can genuinely say you guys have a great team, a great company and I certainly understand why Deville is the leader.

Doug Hillistad
Bakery Systems & Solutions, Inc., Illinois USA

Everyone from new employees to senior operators are extremely excited and enjoy working with the equipment, rather than intimidated and opposed to change as we have encountered in the past… Our quality of shred is better and capacity expectations exceeded.

Project Leader
Engineering, Major Cheese  Producer, Ontario Canada

I couldn’t have made a better decision on which machine or company to purchase from. For our applications here at Lamagna Cheese, this machine and this company have paired very well and we look forward to working with theme in the future, I am very satisfied, and feel as if Deville could teach the rest of the industry a thing about customer satisfaction.

Pete Bonaroti
Lamagna Cheese, Plant Engineer and Mechanic, Verona, PA

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