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GD 500 Guillotine Slicer, Dicer Features

Great for fibrous and fragile products:

  • Perfect cut quality, specially for the cutting of fibrous and fragile products with a minimum of slivering and fines.
  • Due to the guillotine cutting principle, the product is not accelerated by the cutting tools. Excellent for dicing and slicing of delicate products.
  • The FAM GD 500 can process lightly frozen, marinated, fried or cooked products, even when still hot.
  • Dices and strips in various sizes, ranging from 4 to 35 mm (5/32" to 1 3/8") for dices and 6 to 18 mm (1/4" to 11/16") for strips.

Designed for flexibility and sanitation:

  • No extra cutting tools are necessary to change from one cutting size to another. All sizes can be adjusted by the manual dial gauge.
  • The blades of the cutting heads on the FAM GD 500 are readily exchangeable with the quick exchange cassette system.
  • Quick release belt tensioning system for easy belt removal for cleaning or maintenance.
  • Separate drive and product zone, allowing quick and specific cleaning without any negative impact on its drive or its electronics.
  • The machine can be fed manually or can be fully integrated in a production line.
  • Operator-friendly electrical cabinet with a start, stop and emergency button.

Superior machine safety:

  • Conveyor belt, covers and cutting head are quickly dismantled for cleaning purposes and for access to all food contact areas.
  • The FAM GD 500 is equipped with safety switches on the hinged protective cover to prevent operating while the cover is still open.
  • All stainless steel or USDA/FDA approved polymeric materials for food.
  • Motor power fully adapted for applications of this machine: 2.2 kW (3 hp) Easily accessible in separate compartment.
  • The flexible belt scraper removes the cut product from the conveyor belt, and wipes the belt clean.


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